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How do I wash my jersey?

The best way to wash a jersey is through hand washing, no matter the jersey. To avoid fading and excessive wear and tear, the best way is to wash all your jerseys inside out. Whether Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or any other clubs, washing your jersey this way will protect the fonts and inscriptions. A washing machine can be used but not regularly because the blades might destroy inscriptions like the logo, from sponsors, numbers, and name inscriptions. 

How much is the original jersey?

An original jersey in Nigerian normally starts from 20,000 - 40,000 naira, This also depends on the jersey grade you also desire. There are player grades, authentic grades and fans grade jerseys. The player grade has the highest quality and is the most expensive. 

What is the difference between player, authentic, and fan jersey?

If you want to stand out, with your jerseys,  the player grade is the best choice. The player grade is worn by the footballers. It has a light texture and you can easily feel its quality. You can get authentic if you want an original jersey that meets your satisfaction. This is the next based grade after the players.  While the fans jersey is a replica or basic cloning of the authentic jerseys.   

Where and how can I get customized jerseys in Nigeria?

Jerseygramm supplies the best-customized jerseys and materials for customization on any jersey in Nigeria.  It doesn’t matter which jersey you choose, We have a large jersey inventory for all the major countries like European Jerseys, African Jerseys, South American Jerseys, and clubs in the EPL, Laliga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc. You can get a customized jersey for as low as 20,000 Naira, and we deliver to anywhere in Lagos and any part of Nigeria. 

Do you sell basketball jerseys?

Yes, we sell basketball jerseys for both males and females. We sell Basketball jerseys of different teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Lakers, Boston Celtics, and much more. Visit our basketball jersey page here

Where is your store located? 

Our corporate office is at no 10 Ashabi Cole but we specialize only in online sales and delivery.